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Rotana Khalidiya Hotel

The Khalidiya Palace Raynaah Hotel in Abu Dhabi is an oasis for the Middle Eastern businessman and tourist alike. The hotel is modern and subscribes to a clean and simple luxury in its design.Only the very best is served to guests and expressing gratitude is not only the dine thing, it is rude not to compliment the host on a dinner well eaten.
The decorative glass mosaics add a sparkle, reflecting the myriad crystal chandeliers throughout communal rooms.
Islamic architecture has used mosaic techniques to decorate religious buildings and palaces since Muslims conquered the eastern provinces of the Byzantine Empire. Here the mosaic patterns take their reference from the first great religious building of Islam, the Dome of the Rock in Palestine, which was built between 688-692 AD. There are other influences too. Rich floral motifs and crystal-studded columns follow Roman traditions. Another striking element the laser-cut floor-to-ceiling palm trees inthe lobby area, taking reference from the palm trees that are indigenous to the region.
Hospitality and generosity take pride of place in the Middle East, and so, when it comes to dinning, meals are served to share and eating is a communal activity that truly serves as a form of bonding. This concept has been established at Khalidiya Palace Hotel, with large fluid areas populated with chairs and tables that can be moved, grouped and rearranged at will, depending on the number of guests invited.