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Penthouse Project

The interior design of a private residence says much about the personality and style of the owner. For this penthouse project, Decovision worked with the owner to capture a dramatic, opulent and classic Baroque look – a style adopted by European royalty in the seventeenth century and the preference of palaces in Europe through the mid-eighteenth century of which Louis XIV’s palace at Versailles is the most renowned.

The Baroque color palette is often rich, incorporating dark reds, purples, blues or greens to enhance gold accent features that are commonly used to decorate mirrors, art, and accessories. Interiors are highly detailed, including intricately carved wood detailing paired with luxurious textiles used for furniture, wall, and window coverings. These fabrics are often damask or floral patterned. Hand-woven rugs are placed to soften spaces. Furniture is intricately detailed to accent embellishments with curved legs, carved details, and gilding. Other design features include large mirrors, crystal chandeliers, intricately carveddoors, doorknobs, and pulls. All the elements come together beautifully to create a decadent, stately showpiece.